What a terrible decade

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  1. 21% return on the S&P in the last 10 years
    This absolutely sucks for long term investors
    A mere 3% investment vehicle would have done you much better

    Meanwhile, everyone is going into debt in the US
    The true US GDP is crap
    Whats going to happen to this country in the next 10, 20, 30 years?

    Your thoughts?
  2. gnome


    1. "More money-pump" inflation

    2. Bigger Gummint deficits

    3. Bigger, "Big Brother"

    4. More Gummint/Fed lies

    In other words, same old, same old... but this time on steroids.
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    I just wonder what the long term picture is
    Look at the pattern

    40's, 50's - boooom huge gains
    60's, 70's - flat
    80's, 90's - booooom huge gains
    00, 10's - flat????

    Do we have another 12 years of flat coming our way?

    How will we get another huge boom cycle when by this time, all the boomers will be pulling money from the markets like crazy?

    Could we potentially see flat for the next 4 decades???

    I really dont like what I see on the horizon
  4. empee


    doubtful. eventually current regime will implode (from bad policies) leading to a society that promotes productivity, leading to future prosperity. However, to get there, probably a) a lot of pain) b) time
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    Nice post. How's life in New Zealand? :cool:
  6. S2007S


    The market will not turn around until there is a bottom in housing and by the looks of what is going on in the housing market a bottom is years away. The DOW and the rest of the market will be flat probably for the next 5 years, maybe even another decade. Its not going anywhere soon. I think 10k before 14k is more certain at this point.
  7. The market "clung" to the 100-level for a few decades. The market stuck to the 1,000-level for a couple of decades. The market may do the same thing with the 10,000-level for atleast another decade. We'll see. Everybody come in ten years and we'll compare notes and forecasts. :cool:
  8. Thats my fear. The nowhere market for at least a decade or more. So where do you stash your investment cash? Not your trade cash, your investment cash. Shit.
  9. Cutten


    Two options:

    i) do your research, and buy and hold top-quality Buffett-style businesses selling for reasonable valuations.
    ii) diversify and just spread your money and annual savings between index-trackers in REITs, stocks, bonds/TIPS and commodities. You should earn 7-8% almost regardless of what happens to stocks.

    Alternatively you can mix between the two.
  10. What, worried about flat returns for the next 10 years?

    Buy at 9500, sell at 10500. Go short 10500 buy 9500. Repeat ad infinitum.

    Sounds like a dream scenario to me (if it cycles quickly enough). Would that I had such foreknowledge....
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