What a terrible decade

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    The next decade will be worse than this current one....
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    World stocks tumble as Dow eyes 1997 lows

    Friday February 20, 10:16 am ET
    By Pan Pylas, AP Business Writer

    World markets tumble as Dow eyes 1997 lows as investors begin to write off 2009

    LONDON (AP) -- World stock markets tumbled Friday amid concerns that Wall Street may see further declines on investor fears that 2009 may be an economic write-off.

    The fall in the Dow continued at the open Friday as investors worried that the downturn in equities is far from over and could be set for a new phase. On Thursday, it closed at 7,465.95 -- worst since Oct. 9, 2002, when the last bear market hit rock bottom, and some traders think the next stop could be a 12-year low.

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  3. that's not adjusted for inflation
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    that guy hasnt made anything for 10 years
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  5. It was +22% over the last decade, nominally, when he posted.

    It's now approx -3%, nominally, over the last decade.

    Adjusted for inflation, it's most likely closer to -35%.
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