What algorithmic trading firms use Scala?

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    I'm sure there are as I've seen job postings with asking for scala experience. Since I can't think of any off the top of my head here's some similar-ish languages.
  2. http://www.scala-lang.org/documentation/

    It looks very cool....and has a lot of desirable attributes like parallelism.

    I wonder if someone could write an entire trading platform using it ?
    Given the complexity of such an app, that would be a great test of it's abilities.
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    cs had a treasury auto market making system in scala
  4. who is cs or did you mean G.S. (Goldman Sachs) ??
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    Java 8 has included lambda expressions, partly due to Scala success. It might be a good idea to take a look at that. Parallelism is also incorporated.
  6. lwlee: Is Scala actually built using Java ?
    Does it actually act like a Java framework ?
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    Not sure what was used to create Scala. It's a functional language whereas Java is OO before Java 8. Both Java and Scala compile to the same bytecode used by JVM. So it's possible to use libraries interchangeably.

    Scala is a different language all together. It's more like Haskell and Lisp. But as I said, you can build Scala libraries that Java apps can use.

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    Definitely you can write a trading application with it just like you can with Java.

    But the inherent issues with a Java trading applications will also be a problem with Scala since they both use the same JVM ie garbage collection and JIT warmups.

  9. Thanks for the technical info !!!!
    Very interesting.
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    credit suisse
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