What instruments do traders in London and Asia trade?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by maxpi, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. maxpi


    I'm looking to correlate pre-market activity of the US based instruments like ES to activity in the Asian and European markets. Not interested in Forex but it might expand to that...
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  2. mervyn


    Index futures, other than fx.
  3. MrMuppet


    Nikkei, Hangseng, FDAX, Eurostoxx, FGBM, FGBL, FGBX, Gold is important overnight, also the Yen.
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  4. margo2009


    When I urgently need to find out some information, I turn to google search for help. There are always answers to all my questions.
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  5. CannonTrading_Ilan

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    FDAX, gold, crude oil, Aussie $$ ( 6A)
  6. maxinger


    you can get some ideas from my journal as I trade Asian, Eur and US sessions.
    don't expand to forex.
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  7. maxinger


    not true.
    Google search is very useful.
    Unfortunately, there are some not secret information which you can't get from
    google search.
  8. Google just gives you the superficial answers
    you get experienced people answering you queries here
  9. maxpi


    You are just so fucking bitchin'!! The way you exuded that self-assessed superiority as all introverts do is just amazing! Keep up the good work there, no really...
  10. maxpi


    All the grown-ups here seem to have been able to assume that did internet searches. For the kiddies like you I will spell it out: I did the internet search thing and just didn't really find any satisfactory answers. It is a testament to the shallowness and extremely verbose nature of a lot of writings on the internet. Why don't you self educate and search on "fucking assholes"?
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