What is the best option alert service?

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  1. newwurldmn


    With the awesomeness of your team’s research is it more profitable to sell the signals or to trade them yourself or do both?

    there are many prop firm billionaires. I don’t know of any signal selling service billionaires.
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    I don't know but these are the most popular ones according to a 5 minute Google search:


    Uh oh, look at all these market wizards promising the exact same thing :rolleyes::D.

    @Option Fundamentals How does your service differ from all these other "experts" who are making similar claims to yours?
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  3. Option Fundamentals

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    We do both, no billionaires here though. lol
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    The simple answer would be performance history and price for the most part, we are generally by far the most reasonable on our monthly subscription at $59. We generally send out more weekly alerts than most the above mentioned services you listed. We are not here to knock our competition, they all provide a good service I'm sure.

    The list you provided above was most likely from some type of review, but I honestly don't put too much faith in them unless you breakdown each company yourself. Example, one of the companies you listed above hasn't posted their performance since 2018.

    We offer our FREE TRIAL as do most, BUT we do not ask for credit card information, so your not charged anything once the free trial is over. We want traders to feel comfortable checking out our service without obligation or having to cancel their subscription before the trial is over so they aren't charged.
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    Do you trade behind or in front of the signals you send to your subscribers?
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    We trade within minutes before sending out our alerts to our subscribers, at that time we also have to send our alerts to our auto-trading partner, Global-Autotrading.com
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  8. traider


    Can I pay more so that I receive the alerts faster than other subscribers?
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    Sorry, no we keep it the same for all our members, we are honestly talking about a 90 second difference anyway.
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    brokers can make billions on a 1 second head start to front run their clients.
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