What kind of luxuries you want?

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  1. I'm glad that this section is available on the forum. My dream is, when I will be an expert in trading, I will earn profits and then will try to lead a luxurious life.
    What kind of luxuries you want to have in your life when you'll make good money?
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    El Trado

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  4. Well, I’ll have my own private jet.
  5. Pekelo


    I will get the Covid vaccine in Miami in front of all the old people.
  6. maxinger


    I don't need it.

    I will give some of it away.
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  7. tango29


    I'm good with a Pilatus PC-12 NG and a KTM 1290 R.
  8. caroy


    I want enough money to invest and seed a good number of start-ups that operate on an employee co-cop model with democratic management. Make my money back on reasonable interest and a residual of sales. Give generously to some charities. As far as luxuries not really interested. It all has a diminishing return. Although I'm definitely buying a fucking Tesla but I'd drive it for years and maybe a nicer watch. L LeRoy or something like that. I'd like to leave big fat tips at restaurants and do the anonymous shit where I pay off everyone's lay away items at Walmart. Put aside enough to help my kids but not ruin them. Learn to sail.

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    Hardly do we get to read such posts. Why do you wish to part from some of it though?
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