what's better to have 5m airplane or 64 foot yacht?

Discussion in 'Luxury and Lifestyle' started by viruscore1, Jul 23, 2019.

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  2. Pekelo


    You can live on a yacht.
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  3. That jet looks like a flying coffin on the inside.

    I’ll take the yacht
  4. Example of cost of ownership - 65 yacht
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  5. tango29


    My choice, is a few planes, and probably another motorcycle. I'd probably buy a plane that could handle a more varied load than a business jet and still get you there at a reasonable speed, and then something for fun. A mild aerobatic plane as opposed to the serious competition ones. If I had some cash left I'd go for a T-34 or T-28. If it was 10 million I might try and find a WWII Corsair, but that would probably burn through the 10 million in a few years.
    That's just me, I'm not a boat person, but I get some love boating.
  6. Looks like fun. I've flown cessnas, nothing like the planes you've mentioned ...
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  8. That means leaving the comforts of your 10m home or 5m condo ...
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