What's the story with Alpari?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by J-Law, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. J-Law


    What's the story with Alpari? Yes, I know they sponsor the forum.
    But, how do they rate?

    Good, bad, Oooogly????
  2. one of The oldest fx brokers, started in Moscow in 1998
    never heard complaints about them
    registered in London UK and New York USA where they've expanded into futures, and
    may have offices elsewhere
    don't believe there has been any regulator action against them anywhere
    only used their demos - for a decade - I'm restricted here in BC, Canada with whom
    I can trade but their Support has always been very good
  3. kroz


    I used Alpari for a long time with a demo account strictly for MT4 charting. Unless they offer a different data feed for live accounts than for demo accounts, there were quite a few frustrating lags. Lags during news volatility is understandable, but during regular breakouts is really annoying. Luckily I was doing the actual trading with Oanda so it wasn't my only source for live price, but the disruption in the price feed was frequent enough and had a long enough recovery time that it was pretty noticeable. (I actually previously wrote a blog post about it in more detail: whipplebox.com/?p=247) But if you're swing trading or holding for days at a time, maybe it's not that big a deal.

    Not that I'm endorsing Oanda, because they have their frustrations, too, after all I did transfer my capital from them to a different (futures) broker. But that's another topic (and blog post).
  4. Cassius


    I've had some experience with their unregulated NZ branch. They indeed had different data feeds for demo and for live accounts. Demo feed usually had faster execution but this demo feed was also used for some testing purposes. So there were sometimes disruptions in demo while the live feed was stable.
    Maybe in Alpari UK the situation is somewhat similar? Again, never heard of any serious problems with this broker.
  5. requotes
  6. Legitimate russian businessman. I will pass.
  7. Hi Oilfxpro,

    Thanks for your post.

    Requotes have been around ever since markets were allowed to float and are a natural consequence of that.

    If you are trading with the momentum of the market, and therefore by definition in the direction of least liquidity, then requotes are an inescapable fact of life that everyone has to deal with, from the busiest InterBank desks to the smallest retail trader.

    The only current alternatives are DMA Pro accounts in which orders are sent on a Fill or Kill basis where although you can avoid requotes, the risk is not getting a trade in (or out) at your preferred price at all.


    Alexander Chadwick
    Alpari (UK) Representative
  8. Cassius


    There are quite different conditions in different branches. Almost like it's different companies. As far as I know requotes are seen only in one "old-style" account type in Alpari NZ. Others have much better execution.
  9. -1
    bucket shop.
    the cold war continues.



  10. I have a live account with Alpari , I used it much less than other brokers and mainly for a few eas on mt4.

    I use other brokers who execute at the price quoted .Nobody wants the headache and frustration of being re quoted when prices are moving fast .In stressful situations , the least you want is your broker adding to the uncertainty.
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