What's Wrong with Canada?

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Does Canada Have Bright Future?

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  1. Canada seems like a really great country: lots of natural resources per capita, high quality of life, low crime, well-educated people.

    It has cold climate, but even that may get alleviated due to global warming. And not everybody cares about the cold weather.

    What are the problems that may ruin the country going forward? High taxes? Lazy people? Stupid and corrupt politicians? Rampant immigration?
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    On paper it looks pretty solid. No real argument against.
  3. Nothing is wrong with it.

    It's a decent country with its pro's and con's just like any country.
  4. I live in Canada and love it. Especially now with a Conservative government dedicated to lowering taxes.

    The biggest gripe is usually the climate (although us Canadians love the snow). The biggest threat economically is our ageing population. We need immigrants because our population growth is not high enough. I just hope we get the right immigrants and not the wrong ones.
  5. emg


    too cold to live in Canada. Canada only has 2 seasons:

    Summer (june-sept)
    Winter (oct-may)

    Who wants to live in the cold temp?
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    You obviously haven't been exposed to the health care system up there. Do a bit of research and see how bad it is.

  7. The climate is the exact same as you would find in New York or Chicago. Many people apparently are tough enough to handle some cold weather, although admitedly, not everyone can hack it.
  8. Done plenty of research. Our healthcare system (while far from perfect), is genuinely regarded as among the best in the world.
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    This is semi off topic, but I have a question I haven't been able to get answered for years. In the mid 1990's (1993-1997) alot of my family living in Canada (mostly Toronto) had intensions of moving out of Canada. Some actually made the move, keeping their homes in Canada cause they wouldn't sell. They eventually moved back since they still had their homes and now their homes are worth more and the economy is general is 10 fold what it was during the mid 1990's. What happened in Canada during this time?
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    1. Too cold.

    2. Not enough pro sports teams.

    3. Not enough rock stars.

    4. Crime rate much lower in USA. ;>)
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