What's your "number"?

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  1. From the urban dictionary:

    any amount of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone.

    "F*** you money", "The number", " ... call it what you will, what is yours? How much would you need (or did you need before you jumped ship, if you've already done that)? Also how do you define and calculate it: What kind of lifestyle? How much do you think it would cost? What rate of return do you expect, and how do you expect to get it?

  2. Im really low budget--- $10,000,000 unecumbered , after tax lump sum- i don't need to own yachts or jets-- just have friends that do! Lol. Far from F U money, but enough at 6-7% per year to maintain an acceptable status quo.

    How to get. Small Business sale/ small time private VC investments

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  3. To be clear then your "low budget" equates to $600,000 a year in required income...?

  4. Yes.

  5. Out of curiosity : on these 600,000 :
    - how much goes toward accomodation and accomodation related cash outflow?
    - how much toward medical care/bills/insurance?
    - if any non-business related staff, how much goes to this category?
  6. Zero is allocated to meds outside of insurance.

    Personal assistant full time/ part time driver.
  7. so where does most of your outflow go to?
    two full staff, in the USA, would cost much less than 200,000/year, no?
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    Why don't you publish your personal budget, rather than worrying about his...
  9. not worrying : just learning where people put their money in.
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    6 to 7% is not an easy return long term. Add in inflation and taxes in the US, on can t count on 600k a year in constant $ out of 10million.
    Besides if u need to manage actively 10mil up to get that return it s easily a part time job, not like having enough money to earn 600k a year from passively.
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