When do we get to use the guns?

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    Anyone who does not believe there are domestic terrorists on the right and in the Republican Party, here in America, is lying to themselves.

    These people are growing, becoming more radicalized and moving to violence. It’s just a matter of time. It’s at the surface now, where people will get behind a microphone and advocate killing people and get applause at a Charlie Kirk event.

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    it is mind boggling when this poison leads to such atrocities when the underlying causes aren't your typical life-death reasons (financial/poverty/starvation/oppression). Rwanda's another example, though the Hutu political party could be described as fundamentally "moderate", w/the hardliners buying into this garbage

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    Black pill the world experiment. Mad science is hand and hand with mad politics. The human mind, so fragile and easily mislead by the sociopaths in power. Can you shoot your way out of a lie that's embedded in a matrix of lies that physically and mentally evolved you?
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    Notice that the right-wing host of the event, Charlie Kirk, does not shut down the individual pushing the "When do we get to use the guns" nonsense plus false claims of election fraud. The proper response would be "That would be wrong. We must never use guns in a democracy on those who support our political opponents".

    Instead Charlie Kirk "denounces" by giving a meally-mouth response that currently this would be merely playing into the Democratic plans therefore the Republicans need to be peaceful.

    "Now, I'm going to denounce that and tell you why. Because you're playing into all their plans, and they're trying to make you do this," Kirk said.
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  7. Are you referring to the Croatian War of Independence?


    In fact, Croatia deserved to be independent because, as I understand it, Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic was siphoning Croatia economically and hobbling it politically. Milosevic was no Josip Broz ("Tito"), who managed to keep a hodgepodge of disparate states together as one country.

    However, when the fight for independence began, it got ugly because of the deep-rooted and long-standing animosity between the Croats and the Serbs. To make matters worse, once Croatia achieved its independence, Croatia's "savior," Franjo Tuđman, plundered the economy for his own benefit and that of his close friends, family members and associates. I guess he figured Why should Serbia steal from his beloved Croatia when he could do so just as well, if not better.

    It was a bad scene all around. But the circumstances leading to the war do not compare with what is going on in the US. The snowflake Americans who cannot accept the results of their country's most secure election in history should be melted.

    But I do get the point of giving a far Right Winger an inch. Not a good decision. Anywhere on the planet.
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    Yes. As if to say, "if it were not for this playing into their hands it would be okay."

    Is this guy a lone kook, an outlier?

    21 Million Americans Say Trump Should Be Restored by Violence
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    It’s bubbling. These guys are spinning themselves into a tizzy of epic proportions. The pandemic and vaccines turbo charged their stolen election conspiracy psychosis.

    These types are organizing militias through groups like the proud boys, 3 percenters, and oath keepers.
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    Oh, it absolutely compares, hence the term "balkanization", ie from the Balkan animosity/wars. Milosevic's Serbian nationalistic propaganda and demonization of every other Yugoslavian region/ethnicity is what splintered the country and sent it into chaos. Sounds familiar? Tito managed to keep the regions from fighting each other by giving everyone a break.
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