When SOME cops stop being racist things will get better for the rest of them....

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  1. Even if 10% of cops are racist power hungry fucktards who should never have a badge, they are too powerful and deadly for the other 90% to overlook and keep silent about anymore..

    Pennsylvania Cop Called To Diner And Immediately Assumes Black Patron Is Suspect In Viral Video

    Restaurant calls about person smoking marijuana

    Fucktard Cop shows up and immediately goes to Black person and demands ID and tries to arrest him.

    Cop calls for backup when Black guy demands to know why he is being approached

    Cop keeps calling in for criminal record of Black guy... there was none.

    FUCKTARD COP APPEARS DRUNK and has prior complaint of being drunk and assaulting a child...

    Fuck the cops that protected this fucktard in the past and protect him now....those who are silent are just as fugly too.

    But Black people are overreacting huh....
  2. Officer Moore also appeared to be drunk during the 2017 incident, according to court papers

    Drunk..... driving... and with a loaded gun..... <crickets>


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    But.. but.. but... "Moore pleaded guilty to a summary count of harassment at the time, and paid a fine."
  7. Seriosuly... he was suspected of being drunk and assaulting a child and this time he violted so many rules and all he got was a fine and a "Atta boy....get back out there and keep on keeping on..."?

  8. 1. Not one employee can step in and defend him since someone called the cops

    2. It should be illegal for a cop to order a citizen legally in a place to leave or get up for no reason or probable cause...

    3. If a cop becomes billgerant, agressive and refuses to comply with the law he should be tazed and beaten down... it is only fair...