Where is the best place to learn options?

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  1. I am new to options. Only previous experience is with a 300 level college course. Where is the best place to start to learn and understand options so I can learn to trade them.

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    I have been trading index options for about 4 years so I am a relative newbie as well. I lost money the first 3 years (less and less each year) and have been profitable over the past year. My trading keys, money management and psychology have all changed over the 4 years but the learning has occurred incrementally. So my advice to you would be to take it slow, trade a paper account first for a year or so, follow whichever market you intend to trade to learn its characteristics and read as many books, publications and web sites as you can. Once you have done your homework and practiced for a year, you will have the foundation for success. Take it slow and easy and you will be successful.
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    investopedia.com and make sure you understand implied volatility. This way you'll save yourself a lot of money.
    I'm in my third year, and though I did well, (looking back, very lucky) I didn't start to make confident money until I paid attention to implied volatility.
    Play defense "buy low, sell high"
    Good Luck!
  5. Thanks guys for the responses!! Much appreciated