Where to buy the most expensive tasty meats

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    Well, I watched these and now I am hungry. :D
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  2. Me too :p
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    Now I need a few videos like this about fish and I'll be even more hungry.
  4. Are you familiar with current tuna prices?

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  5. tiddlywinks


    I don't know much about meat, fish, or poultry, but here on ET
    there is an amazing selection of whine to compliment any food!!

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  6. The problem is, I can't tell the difference from a good $10 bottle of wine from $100 bottle of wine. However, a friend collects wine. I've been with him while he spent $1200 on 8 bottles of wine. He says he can tell the difference, until we did a blindfold test. He really can't either, he was off 40% . I think he was guessing ...
  7. maxinger



    suckling pig for starter


    then delicious pork knuckle.


    and succulent wagyu beef


    and yummy lobster


    and fresh sashimi

    follow by Yam paste dessert.


    Then cleanse my body with beer.

    Now let me go eat something because I am hungry writing all these.
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  8. Almost $150 for 2 raw steaks...

    I've been dry aging my steaks for about 5 days myself. They come out much better than no dry age, should try 45 days but a separate fridge is best for that.
  9. maxinger


    same for me mister.
    No difference between $10 and $100 wine,
    No difference between $20 and $200 brandy.

    But when it comes to food, I can tell difference between
    juicy beef vs leathery tough beef,
    fresh seafood vs stinky seafood.
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