Where to buy the most expensive tasty meats

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  1. I'm referring to home cooking. I don't like expensive restaurants, they are usually a let down, unless i'm travelling then there's no choice but to dine out. Checkout sous vide cooking system. Set temperature, it won't over cook. I use $26 weed torch from harbor freight to seer after.

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  2. Home cooking, a very different concept. I tend to agree that high quality ingredients and cooking ware are key. Though my mother in law cooks some of the best Japanese food I have ever eaten and she cooks in a greasy kitchen with oil stains all over and with pots that cost a few dollars and which are frequently replaced. Hardly any restaurant in Japan I have ever eaten beats the quality and variety of food my mom in law pumps out. Absolutely amazing. One thing she does not skimp on is quality food ingredients regardless of price. Wagyu beef imho is completely overhyped by Westerners and non Japanese Asians. I dont get the hype. But then this is about taste and preference.

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  3. I have posted this video before. I've been to japan a few times, they really do appreciate wagyu. It's very expensive there, not for commoners.
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  4. Lobster is also appreciated in the US and pricy. So what? You are falling for the wagyu hype. Same hype as those ridiculous Hibachi Japanese restaurants in the US in the 80s and 90s with fire and knive juggling.

    Rarely do Japanese eat wagyu. I lived there and have entire communities of friends and relatives there.

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  5. I am not comparing. You said wagyu is not special in Japan. Like i said, it's very expensive and not for commoners.
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  6. But what is your point? There is rare and expensive food items all around the globe. So what? If you love wagyu all the power to you, I don't like it and many Japanese won't eat much even if they could afford it.

    By the way I never said wagyu is not special. Please quote where I said that.

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  7. The point is, you said wagyu is not appreciated by japanese. It is overrated by the west. Which is not true, that is a wrong perception.
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  8. You really seem to have reading and/or comprehension issues. I never stated wagyu is not appreciated by Japanese. The second time you put words in my mouth in this thread I never used nor suggested. Have fun with your wagyu steak and burgers. You have no clue about Japan. I am out of here, I don't appreciate people who constantly falsify what others say.

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  9. You said this "Wagyu beef imho is completely overhyped by Westerners and non Japanese Asians. I dont get the hype. "
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  10. Meaning it's "not overhyped by Japanese". Very different from "Japanese don't appreciate wagyu". With all due respect, are you stupid?

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