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  1. Hey guys......Not sure if this question has been asked before. I am looking to trade forex. I live in Canada and what I am looking for is extremely high leverage. Thing is I am also looking to trade various currency pairs.......I want to be able to trade stuff like Argentina or some of the not so popular countries. I am not sure if this combination of criteria exists here in Canada......

    Any help very much appreciated....

  2. I wrote this recently:
  3. Interactive Brokers for serious traders

    Oanda for small accounts

    Google the rest


    Never heard of IB EXNESS, doubt they are an ET sponsor, appears to be a spam ad. Would proceed with extreme caution.
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    check mbtrading and their much talked about EXN network.

    The wierd thing is they introduced Ctrader and Calgo. So......they are giving us ECN spreads for a very small opening deposit and essentially cannibalizing their EXN network?
  5. Unless you want to trade these exotic currencies for the long term, stay away from them, the spread alone will kill you! :eek:

    It's hard enough to make money with the "majors" and their very low spreads, so why complicate things?
  6. Wider spread is relative to volatility and exposure. It can still make a lot of sense to trade exotics if volatility is much higher than the majors...
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    If you are from Canada, I only know FXCM accept trader from US & Canada with limited conditions. PLease check their site for more information. Hope it helps.
  8. Pepperstone 500:1
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    Oanda is a good bet. I like particularly their execution. Haven't experience any slippage yet. The spreads are quite high compared to some other brokers though. But like i said, the execution is good
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    Oanda does not offer extremely high leverage for Canadians like u want, in fact it's lower than the US http://fxtrade.oanda.ca/help/policies/canada-margin-requirements
    The only one to have 50:1 (2%) is usd/cad

    I may be very wrong here but can't Canadians just open a UK fxcm account? They don't have the same regulation as US, where they need every broker to be regulated for them to accept US traders.
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