Who are DTTW (Day Trade The World)

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  1. Hi, i was interested who clear this guys? Anyone had experience with them or can say anything about them? their website: http://www.daytradetheworld.com/ thanks
  2. arna


    Old name is Swift Trade. This should help you with finding information about them.

    Was trading with tgem >5 years ago. Just terrible platform that they offer - prosper pro.

    I think if you are not US citizen ->there are better prop firms.
  3. could you please name some of those firms if you don't mind? thanks)
  4. arna


    PM sent.
  5. daviavid


    I want to daytrade american stocks with DTTW, but I want to know a better option too, please. It would help me very much. The best thing of DTTW is that you can use odd-lots, is there more prop firms with this feature?

    Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Martin01


    Hi, I totally agree, PPRO by DTTW just sucks, please could you give me also more info about those better prop firms you say for day trading stocks for non US citizens?
  7. AT and Hold are two more
  8. traderjo


    Looking at the Marketing of DTTW.. they claim hundreds of "Trading floors" around the world but not a single mention of where they are! + the SPAM marketing + legacy of Swift + some issues with other regulator (indirectly ) + Why Ontario residents cant trade?.... something does not add up 100% . arna you traded with them for 5 years.. what did they trade? which country? was there any training? if you made profits did you get paid?
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  9. but where else can you get 0.0003 share rate
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    Please excuse the observation that if that issue (rather than for example all the factors mentioned in the post just above yours) is your informational orientation and/or guiding principle, then in the long run you're inevitably going to have real problems. [​IMG]
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