Who are the best forex brokers in the world?

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    How can you know which broker is among the best forex brokers in the world? What standards are used to determine that? This article is the answer for you. Believed by many, the best forex brokers tend to be the ones who focus on improving their trading conditions to help traders earn money, and do not concentrate on short-term profit or pay IB more money to attract customers. In my opinion, for a broker to be qualified as the best, it has to meet these standards below:
    - Trustworthy
    - Trading fees
    - Trading conditions
    - Traders support
    To see who fit my standards above, click here.
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    You won't live long here with this type of promo, I would suggest to join standard non-advertising discussions
  3. How shall you determine
    Who are the best forex brokers in the world?
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    You will learn this as soon as you become profitable. All brokers are excellent for losing traders, they will provide you with top-grade service.
  5. Yeah ! you can determine who are good brokers but you can't categorize them in the good or best brokers.
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    Well it depends. I do sometimes see difference in execution between brokers and one can consistently outperform another for several days. I think it reflects broker efforts to optimise their network of liquidity providers.
  7. I agree. There are brokers who have better trade execution and their trades do outperform another. Well I have a question. Can someone recommend me a scalping friendly broker?
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    Totally! For scalping, I use Turnkey forex. I find them suitable for me since the spreads they offer are pretty narrow and even order execution speed is good which makes scalping pretty much interesting.
  9. exactly.. like i always advocate that there is no such thing as best broker, but there is something called, good brokers and bad brokers. thats it.
  10. the best forex broker in the world mostly is for institutional, due to retail forex trader execute small size, the retail broker accepts your trade and pass to tier 2 or tier 1, from there they collect until enough lot size (1 standard lot/ 100k unit)before pass to direct bank/liquidity
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