Who best caught the SP500 move March 1 after Trump's speech?

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  1. As a new trader, I started day trading emini SP500 (paper trading) February 23. Most of the days since then have only had a range of around <10 points - except March 1, the day after Trump's speech to Congress.

    Unfortunately, on that day I had to take a family member to the hospital for an operation that was scheduled long before I started trying my hand at trading.

    Looking at the signals given by the indicators to which I subscribe, I might have been able to win 20+ points that day instead of struggling to win 2-4 points on most other days.

    Who here took early trades and rode the whole move to win big points March 1? Please describe your trade: signals, entry, how/why you stayed in through the pull-backs & lulls, exit, and how many points you took out.
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    My daughter. She catches every move. Buys VTSMX on the close every Thursday.
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    4 remarks:
    1. bottom to top was 20 points so making +20 points would be impossible. Unless you would find the perfect timing to get out at an intermediate top and get in at the next bottom to go long again. You could also go short after the top in the last hour to take extra profits, but after such a strong move up that might be dangerous.
    2. if you make 2-4 points a day you make a few million a year, for most traders that seems already to be impossible.
    3. paper trading has nothing to do with real trading, don't think you will make these paper profits just like that in real trading.
    4. don't expect traders to show you how they trade, unless they have something to sell.
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    Is she still single? :D
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    No kidding, you show me a woman with a Roth and I'll show you marrying material. And it has nothing to do with how much.
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  6. What is VTSMX?
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  8. Thanks for the reply. Just to note: my records show the low was 2363.25 and the high was 2401.00, a range of 37.75 points - not to mention it is theoretically posssible to exit at interim hights, short and exit at interim lows, reverse again, etc. and make even much more.

    To make 2-4 pts/day and make millions/yr one must have a very large account and be trading many multiple contracts/trade. I'm only trading one contract per trade (starting with a $25k paper trading account).

    Your points 3 and 4 well taken, thanks again.
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    it's where we put a portion of all our winnings, 10 year time horizon minimum. Not for trading. Only taking short ES trades makes for an interesting hobby, but you have to be quick. Nothing worse than watching your retirement account go up only to be robbed point for point by your short trading fiasco.
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