Who plans to get the covid 19 VACCINE when it comes out

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  1. Wondering what the mind set is of people about the COVID 19 Vaccines.
    Will you take it freely , be the first to get it when its available to the general population ?
    Or will you have to be induced by the government make a $1,000 pandemic stimulus payment incumbent on COVID-19 vaccination. Or because your employer will mandate its required like FLU Shots are for Health Workers ?
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    Hell No, had Covid wasn't a big deal, it's just a massive over reaction and fear mongering, give it to the at risk only as no idea on the long term risks of the vaccine, so giving to people that aren't at risk is just stupid.

    It's not a vaccine either, it doesn't stop you getting or spreading, merely reduced the symptoms if you do catch it.

    Australian Vaccine that got pulled gives you HIV aswell, sounds great!!
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    I'll wait at least a year before getting it, to see if any weird long-run side effects show up. I'm young and healthy and not interested in being a guinea pig. If I were in a high-risk group the calculus would be different.
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  5. Things to Consider >>>
    Among the front-runners in vaccine development, there are several methods being used: live-attenuated, inactivated, subunit, toxoid, DNA and mRNA.

    Today, the most advanced method is the mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acids). It remains unproven, but it hold much promise. This technology, if it delivers on that promise, is hoped to speed up — “revolutionise” — vaccine development.

    Are there mRNA vaccines approved for use by humans for COVID-19?
    No. Or not yet. But there are mRNA vaccines on trial as antidote to the coronavirus.
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    Big AAPL

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    They just had the first person getting it in New York on TV. Being one with a sick sense of humor, I would have loved if she pretended to start convulsing, rolled the eyes back in the head and pretended to start speaking in tongues.
    I know, just plain wrong, but I would have been rolling on the floor.
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    Trump clearly is scared (who would have thought he is not?). He wants to have a macho ego, but in reality is a scared child (with mental problems). So the fantastic vaccine that was created thanks to fantastic Americans (which is a lie, but we are used to this), is so fantastic that Trump doesn't trust it. He is afraid for vaccination. ROFLMAO.

    Appropriate time will be never, just like the appropriate time he went to military service. Was NEVER too.

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  9. virtusa the question was will you take it, not about POTUS . So will you or wont you ...simple question for you.
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  10. I am in the higher risk group by default, age 68, soon to be 69, with Afib. Treated Afib, but Afib none the less. Other than that I am fit and considerably more healthy than the average pushing 70 American.
    I have my annual physical this coming February and my doctor has already approved an in person visit. Long story short, unless people are flopping around like dying fish during the next two months I'll probably get it at that visit.
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