Who plans to get the covid 19 VACCINE when it comes out

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  1. maxinger


    If it is a good vaccine, it goes to the highest bidder.

    If it is of questionable quality, it goes to the you-know-that.
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  2. Turveyd


    100% gave jt to a lot of friends as I didn't realise I'd had it, 1 was nhs got tested positive and kept seeing her while she had it.

    Take a barely tested vaccine for a virus 98%+: really don't need and 80% of us won't even realise we've had the virus lol madness!

    Takes years to find a vaccine or other treatments side effects, so vaccination for everyone on the planet js a Cull plain and simple!
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  3. Bugenhagen


    The admins probably can explain that to you. That's pure trolling right there.

    Personally I think you made a little troll nest to inhabit Covid discussions, you lied about contracting it from a friend at the very beginning (Singapore cruise ship they were on?) I recall you say it had the exact symptoms of a mild flu (it was flu if anything) and have been doing what covid trolls do ever since.

    You were banned from Forexfactory for your fragrancy, I have to ask though as your Scots, why troll people like this? How did you become a person like you are?

    I'm getting the vaccine ASAP as it will allow me to safely get back to doing support work at a local medical charity. Cowards die a thousand deaths, heroes only once Turveyd.
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  4. tomorton


    Maybe you already had some specialist knowledge concerning coronaviri and vaccine development before covid19?
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  5. Turveyd


    You can do what you want, you can be afraid of a virus that's killing sub 0.2% of the population cause your scared shitless and 30,000:1 odds on it killing you are too scarey for you, take a vaccine, with no long term testing see if I care, more of you snowflakes it kills off the better.

    Scots ?? where the fuck you get that shit from, Brummie almost you dick.

    FF, kicked off, because Magix who I mentored, was selling BS Basket EA's that didn't work, but obviously, giving the staff back handers, check your facts prick.

    HAD It, and been around / known about 40 others who've had it, my 12 year old step son tested positive for it about 6weeks back, didn't stop seeing him, cause guess what, I'm not some no brain pussy who's seen on the TV how bad it is, while ignoring real life which is basically if we wasn't told about it on the TV then nobody would even realise it's happening, anyone I know died, err No!!

    OMG in this PC world, how can someone have an opinion of there own LOL

    Symptoms where, 1 night of the sweats, mild chest pain while doing CV in the gym ( got heart condition so just rested up ), and lethargic for 4 days ish, wayyyy wayyyy less than Flu and less than Cold's I've had. ie for a 49year old asmatic with 2 prior mild heart attacks weighing in at 116Kg 32Bmi, a nothing.

    And no you can't go safely back to work, the Vaccine is only reducing the symptoms of the Virus for the people that have taken it, it's not stopping you getting it or passing it on to others, maybe get the virus like me, then you can't spread it ?? Not really a vaccine is it ?? LOL
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  6. Turveyd


    Small Pox vaccine that killed 1000's and also brain damage to children, I know a ex army mate, his son took the vaccine as dad was army just incase, left him brain damaged.

    Rushed Vaccines are great!!

    Took years for the effects to be seen.

    Have you seen all the law suites and bad practices all of these vaccine companies have had aswell, your going to trust them, major screw loose.
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  7. Bugenhagen


    @Turdyd here is a stone cold troll and we are to believe it happens that a troll with form from long back, happens to be in the very first group in the UK to get Covid. Right...

    Troll doing what trolls do. The sad thing is really we allow them to do this, he started like six months ago or more. Come into civil discussions with nonsense stats and trolling in an actual life and death matter.

    In WWII people who did this (troll behavior existed before the Internet) were fined and imprisoned in the UK for very good reason.
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  8. I cannot believe that there is even any discussion about whether or not to get the vaccine when it comes out. Are you doubters for real?

    I don't believe in karma, but I'd give it a second look if ardent Trumpsters refused to take it.
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  9. cesfx


    Of course I'll take it. I am not rushing for it, I am not in a priority group but I am definitely not afraid.
    I took so much crap in my body for the sake of fun, I will take some more if it helps me and the rest to go back to normality... By 2022!
    No-vax and various deniers will not do it (won't do anything at all actually) and keep spreading, so it might take us that long if not more to get rid of this mess.
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  10. Bugenhagen


    We should start a rumor that the vaccine made the first few super intellig... no they don't care about that. Made the first few's mickeys grow twice their usual size.

    Hopefully enough take it as this hanging on as a serious forever virus like influenza may take a near decade off average human life expectancy. It has taken decades to nearly rid the world of polio even with near 100% acceptance. We may be stuck with Covid because of them.

    I also have put a hell of a lot of unknown stuff in my body "for the sake of fun" :) @Cesfx Look how normal I am...
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