Who plans to get the covid 19 VACCINE when it comes out

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  1. tomorton


    I haven't done much research into the effects of smallpox vaccine but already information suggests that the number of deaths resulting was way less than thousands. Where did you find this?

    If its fair to post anecdotal evidence, then I can add that all the vaccinations I have had have been 100% successful - I did not catch mumps, measles, yellow fever, tuberculosis or tetanus. The diseases which I have had were 100% those which I was not vaccinated against - scarlet fever, chicken pox, flus, glandular fever, tonsilitis, colds, shingles.
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  2. luisHK


    No problem with vaccines in general here but not keen on experimenting one new on the market. Expecting it to become compulsory to travel in many places outside the EU, which I m very keen on doing again, so expect to get the vaccine sooner than later. Will avoid travel if flying with facemask is required though. Strange world we re living that s for sure, would see happily the extermination of the whole part of the human race who was not only willing to give up its way of life for something as relatively innocuous as covid , but also push its new living requirements agressively onto others,, hard to consider them as the same specie, rather a major threat to humanity.
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    Pretty sure the 1 making up BS about someone else and posting as facts is actually the Troll!! ie YOU!!

    Enjoy your vaccine, hope I'm right, the less people like you in the world the better.
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    Very few people had it thankfully, imagine the death toll if that was rolled out to 7Billion people like there planning with Covid Vaccine that isn't even a vaccine ??

    Not an anti Vaxxer, those are important vaccines and stopping them from the Anti Vaxxers is killing people, Covid Vaccine, does not need to be mixed up with proven well tested vaccines.

    Also check into all the deaths and complication from the Iraq 1990 War among Vet's from the drugs they pumped into them to protect them from Saddam's WMD which he didn't even have. ( Some where depleted Uranium from A10's related )

    Small Pox, only 2 Small Pox deaths, 6million vaccines, 6 deaths from the vaccine ( Claimed ) and 1000's of health related issues linked to. ie I know 1 of these.
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    Hey I love trump, not because he's good or clever he isn't, he's funny and he's about average from an American ie STUPID he's given us in the UK 4 years of amusement of how truely screwed up the USA is, he'll be missed.

    Our PM is only slightly less of a muppet sadly.
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  6. virtusa


    I hope you do realize that people who have exactly the opposite opinion from you, can make the same reflection on you? And I have the impression they are in the majority.
    If Covid is relatively innocuous, it would be logical that you would refuse to be vaccinated, as well as your wife and your children. If then one of your children would catch Covid, you might possibly experience from close what extermination means. Speaking about "extermination" is not respectful towards other humans.

    I suppose you have not a medical education.

    The Netherlands go again in lockdown, same in Germany and France. All just for a innocuous disease. Yeah, right.
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    One could hope enough information was out there for all to read but apparently we are far from it, my kids should worry more about flu than covid, know a whole bunch of parents who had their kids test positive and again the main issue was the quarantine. Funnily enough for such an easy spreading disease in most cases it didn´t transmit to others in the same household, sometimes even not to their bedmate. Best not to go for a covid test if one can chose.
    As of what the majority thinks, following it is not the way to success ime. And sure, Germany, France, Nederlands governments all going berserk, I have a bunch of family in France looking for a way out of the shithole it currently is at least for Xmas holidays, can´t say they think the virus is worth the reaction.
    Daily training still as usual here, massive joking team brawl planned for friday evening than we are all moving to the restaurant together for Xmas dinner. Madrid was hit allegedly hard by this disease, and it wasn´t much of a hit actually, at least outside the care homes and for the people who weren´t hurt too much by the lockdown. World gone insane, u guys need higher testosterone levels, at least enough to be considered men once again (test levels have about halved in male population over the last few decades, result is much of the population has lost manhood and humanity.)
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    Media has scared everyone to death, shame wouldn't have a clue anything is going on without that as nobody anyone I knows has died, the very few would of been classed as normal Flu related deaths.

    New Strain, faster spreading, but likely less dangerous get that likely can't get the other, so not a bad thing, let it spread.

    Atleast there keeping the gyms open, everyone that goes to gyms has had it, back in twice today, tablet on the machine and trade while training, good life :)

    Men just aren't men any more, PC means your not allowed to think or act like a man, you have to act like an over reactionary scared woman, obviously I ignore this :)

    Shielding worked, shield to burn out or vaccine, but the PC's are no you can't expect them to stay away for ever, so instead we'll lock them down and you aswell and it's working great in a 500 per day dying kinda way :(

    PC, is the main issue we face, it's replaced religion as a way to control the stupid dumb masses, throw in a dose of FEAR and hey sign all your rights away and take a barely tested vaccine 99%+ of you don't need, even the people who've had Covid want the Vaccine, CRAZY!!
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    Looks fine in my book, closing down businesses and locking people inside is extremely far from respectful.
    I don´t care much about those who want to hide, but for those that want my family or myself locked in, I´d sure be happy to see them catch their last breath. It seems a very natural preference actually.
    It makes sense on a larger scale as well, imo humanity doesn´t need the pro lockdown scared folks to pass their genes onto next generations.
    Not out to kill anyone btw, that´s not only illegal but also usually a great source of problem. Still, I will probably never look at genocides in history the same way as I did before the covid saga, and will reflect this in my kids´ education.
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    Keep us posted. You’ll be ok. Good luck
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