Who plans to get the covid 19 VACCINE when it comes out

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  2. No for me.

    I and many family members / friends around me have already experienced the virus (all positive test confirmations). Unpleasant to say the least but not needle worthy (for any of is at least). Beat up my 79 year old dad and my best friend pretty hard for a week or two. Rest of us shook it off after a few days.

    I won't pretend it's nothing because they would simply be blind - but I also won't pretend it is what the media is making it out to be.

    I think it's fair for higher at-risk groups to consider getting vaccinated. Obviously that should be up to each individual though. I wouldn't blame anyone whom chooses not to partake.

    As an aside - I asked my pops if he was going to rush out to get vaccinated (being older and such). I don't remember his exact response... but it was something along the lines of "Why? I already beat it. I have more important shit to do". He's an old school beast though. Doesn't surprise me. :D
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    My father had the same mentality. He was an active sportsman, trained three times a week, never smoked and never drunk. One day he felt some pain in his chest. He decided to do ntothing as he thought he was an athletic superman. The pain became harder and after a few weeks he could not breath anymore. Ambulance had to bring him to hospital. Doctors asked him why he did not go to a doctor earlier. He confirmed that he was wrong. He said that from then on he would go to a doctor more quickly.
    A few weeks later he was dead. He was 53 when he died.

    He died because of his superman atttitude. If he would have taken more care of himself, he would have lived still many years.

    I am sure that for a big group of people vaccination can make the difference for them between life and death. But like in many areas a lot of people overestimate themselves ( better driver than average, smarter than average, stronger than average...) with sometimes mortal results.
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    Its been pretty clear from the very start that there were two main dangers of covid -

    1. risk to vulnerable groups due to ease of transmission - includes anyone over 70 and anyone chronically ill or obese

    2. risk that hospitals would be overwhelmed by covid cases requiring oxygen therapy

    That's why we're all locked down or wearing masks and why the world's labs are all engaged in text analysis and why the world's top pharmas all went over months ago to finding a vaccine for covid.

    The main danger of covid is not that it will kill you, it is that a simple cut from a gardening accident will kill you either due to blood loss or tetanus or sepsis.
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    Did we go to nursery togheter? Because I don't remember you man... and you assume to know shit about me with your post?

    I didn't come here to discuss my health but to mock the idiocy and ignorance of anti-vax and covid deniers in general.
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    And you haven't realised yet that none of that stuff works, locking the at risk group away and supporting them worked, stopped the 1st wave, uk 2 months longer of shielding and none of the current deaths and fraction of the cost of the lockdowns for no real economic damage, but they pulled it, they want the damage and they want the FEAR to push a vaccine on all, why? If this doesn't sound suspicious to you then okay.

    They even want people who've had Covid to have it again, no logic at all there, most are so fed up they'll take the vaccine to get back to normal.

    3months is my estimate UK before shielding group have all had it, North have already peaked, then it's over over, vaccine won't get to enough to make a huge difference and it won't be needed after ofcourse.

    Sorry for using logic and reason and not making rash decisions based of fear and the PC bible.

    Remember the fear over university students, my take it would spread fast among and burn out, 9 out of 4500 students tested positive, I was right, logic prevailed, fear wasn't required.
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    The numbers of death is still low because there is still some capacity to treath people for Covid. The real problem is when capacity is too small to treat Covid patients. As they cannot be treathed they will die and the numbers will go up exponential.

    At this moment 1 on 8 hospitals in the US have NO capacity anymore for extra patients. That number of hospitals will increase fast as there are more and more people infected. And then the death rate will go up strongly. So the lockdowns is just to limit the number of patients and keep it below the maximal capacity of the hospitals.

    People who have an infection and can be threated have only a small risk to die from it. If now NOBODY with an infection can be treated anymore, the number of deaths will go up by maybe a 100 fold.

    Understanding capacity in hospital:

    Actual situation in the US:

    Numbers you can download in Excel:
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    You are mixing science with incompetence at running governments and managing a pandemic in today's world.

    The fact that our governments, most of them at least, are made of useless narcissistic money scavengers spineless beings without a soul who couldn't run a bath, has nothing to do with vaccination and viruses.
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    I can't believe all the governments who have reacted in similar ways to covid actually wanted to sabotage their own economies and subject their own authority and credibilities to the ultimate test. Its so far against their own interests that other theories are literally incredible. It defies belief that the entire world's governments have got together simply to let Pfizer etc. sell some vaccine. Its too easy to seek out a party who profits financially from a crisis and therefore blame them for conspiring to cause it.

    The choice of detailed responses to covid is always going to be a matter for conjecture and its going to be a long long time before we can make firm pronouncements on that. However, on past and painful experience with UK governments at least, whatever responses our twits make will be not enough, not soon enough and not simple enough.
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    But they have plain and simple, they've seen Sweden and what's really required only Norway has switched to there model, rest have lied and slated to keep doing what there doing.

    Doctors have mostly signed that agreement saying what there doing is wrong 43,000 signatures saying Shield and that's it, ignored. Sweden model!

    Lockdowns have never been used to control a virus before, there is still no evidence that they work, unless its a you literally cant leave house for 3 months.

    They've literally said there going to not let Covid opportunity go to waste and there going to push in A Great Reset to solve all the worlds issues, but still you can't accept its coming :(

    Why isn't anyone mad about ending shielding and killing 20k more uk last 3 months? Why are they trying to hide it's the previously shielders dying mostly? Italy admitted 2nd wave mostly shielding!

    Guessing USA no shielding why the deaths are so high, so looking at 0.15% mortality rate really.

    Answer any of the above? You can't believe they'd do that isn't an answer it's burying your head in the sand and hoping it passes by.

    Remember most people are that scared irrationality they think the governments are saving them, and they'll bend over back wards and I'm sure politicians don't care about anything other than lining there own pockets, Boris is retiring soon likely with a few Billion from Amazon for closing all the small shops and bankrupting them, 30% of shops in my town haven't reopened from 2nd lockdown, did the lockdown have any effect? No! Welsh lockdown hell No! Did it put 300k more into unemployment YES!
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