Whoa! This'll change things up a bit: https://interactivebrokers.capitalise.ai/wizard

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  2. nope.

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  3. Ohhhhh this is advertising by IB. Nice. They're doing a lot of these little things to get more retail into the market.
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    Didn't this come out like year ago?
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    Technically thats an unreachable condition anway, because you'd be recording new seven minute highs if you continued to trade above the previous seven minute high. Oh yeah...people use time bars.
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  6. lol fine smarty pants


    Also, I don't use time bars anymore.
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    Nice, previous qualifier.


    Still would required some nyquist aliasing I think. Does this thing use bars or trailing hour?
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    You saying I'm old?!? :mad::mad:

    ["Oh, you are fun, aren't you." Yeah yeah. And old. Apparently. :D]
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    I actually think this is somewhat dangerous for people who dont think in a very nuanced manner. The nice thing about writing code is it (can) force you to be verbose and precise.
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