Why can't I get a job? Recent Grad, 3.7 GPA, Good Exp, Year and a half of searching..

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  1. I have an economics degree from Stony Brook University with a 3.72 GPA. I have good experience, including a Series 7 and 63. I have been out of school for a year and a half now searching for a full time salaried position and have had zero interviews. I have sent out thousands upon thousands of resumes, not one call back.

    My resume is good. I have had it reviewed by dozens of people, including some in charge of hiring at financial companies, although none that were in a position to help me in more then advice.

    I know I am a great candidate. I am a fast learner and was at the top of all my classes, but can not get my foot in the door anywhere. I have used every contact I have to no avail (including some big names).

    Will someone tell me where they are hiding the job listings that actually call you in for interviews so I can show how good I really am?
  2. 1) It sucks for everybody out there.
    2) Make your job search more "personal", not "detached".
    3) You are competing against experienced people and better qualified rookies for jobs.
    4) You ought to consider some type of self-employment and/or re-adjusting your goals and expectations before you become "stale".
    5) Attend any type of resume and job search workshop at a public library or community college for more info and ideas. :)
  3. what skills are you good at? what kind of jobs are you applying for? can you add value to the company that hires you?
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    Go learn how to windsurf and kiteboard in The Caribbean and chase skirt while earning money as an instructor...then open your own school.

    I assume you are single and have a bedroom in the folks' house, things could be a lot worse.

    Do you have any hobbys, music, art, racing, sailing, fishing...what do you like to do?

    Figure out a way to open a small business doing what you like, screw working for someone!

    Hang in there.
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    I think you should see this as an opportunity. If you are really a smart guy/gal, why not trading and make it a career. I got laid off from my job and since then I trade full time.
    The amount of money and satisfaction that I got is far above the regular job I was doing.

    Just my 2 cents
  6. You have to understand that what is happening is a structural change in the labor market. Those jobs in finance that were hot 5 years ago are not coming back for a long time. Bank trading and hedgefunds operated how they did because of unprecedented leverage.

    The same thing happened after dotcoms blew up. After they blew up Barns & Nobles had an entire room setup for computer certification textbooks.

    That guy from MIT had to stand in the middle of Manhattan for months wearing a sandwich board that said "MIT Grad Will Trade For Food" or something like that to finally get a job. Then he got laid off 5 months later.
  7. 3.7 GPA is too low. You should have tried for a 3.9 GPA

    Right now there are so many college grads that to make it easier anything with less than a 3.9 is rejected.

    This is from a few folks I spoke to a few months ago.
  8. Is there any reference to his story on internet? any name?
  9. Definitely don't take it personally. I'm sure it's just some clown that scans for experience, and i'm sure you can do his job.

    A few things. Your GPA is kind-of worthless, as well as what school you went to. UNLESS, you decide on grad school.

    Please don't brag about your GPA or school when you do get hired, we bury those guys and really can't stand them.

    OK, as you probably know, you need to network. Here is the hard part: Likely, it means leave the nest and go to the city you want to work in. Bring a suit, some other clothes, and try to stay 2 months. I'm sure you can get a super small studio for month-to-month lease. I did it and it paid off.

    Yea, it's how bad you want it.

    Emailing resumes to me mean you don't want it bad enough. They need to know YOU, not your resume. Be aggressive or whatever, just get them to talk to you.

    It's always easier said than done.

    But good luck.
  10. econ degree? You are from a bygone era, bubba. Now, if you had a Computer Science. Nursing or Accounting Degree (from a good school...)
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