Why China is the winner in all scenarios

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    This is why everything is so expensive, and why nobody in power seems to care
    By Neil Clark
    19 Nov, 2021 11:56

    Across the West, prices are rising at their fastest rate for years but politicians and the media obsessed with climate change, Covid and culture wars don’t seem bothered with the hardship inflation is causing to ordinary people.
    Then there’s utility bills. Gas bills rose 28.1% in the year to October. Electricity bills by 18.8%. Whether we’re talking used cars (27.4% increase since April), apples (24.1%), margarine (19.7%), hotel accommodation or fish and chips, it’s hard to think of anything which isn’t more expensive – in some cases a great deal more expensive than 18 months ago.

    Back in the 1960s and ‘70s, such significant price spikes would have dominated the political debate. I’m old enough to remember when entire elections were fought around ‘the cost of living’. ‘The shopping basket’ was the thing that determined the all-important ‘swing vote’.

    Today though, the political elite and the punditocracy have loftier things to discuss. Climate change. Covid. Culture wars. ID politics. Gender pronouns. Meanwhile, as the ‘commentators’ shout over themselves in TV studios, arguing about topics that seem alien to the general public, millions of families, looking at their latest energy bills, or seeing the prices at the pumps, are asking the simple question: ‘How are we going to make ends meet when everything has become so expensive?’ The disconnect between the ruling class (with both its faux-right and faux-left wings) and the governed has never been greater.
    My analysis & comment:

    IMO, in such a situation the only real solution to the problem is to import cheap products from cheap countries. This helps the lower class, and prevents riots against the government b/c of the otherwise high costs of living.
    So, IMO, China as producer of cheap products, as well other cheap developing countries like Vietnam are needed by the West to solve domestic economic problems.
    Of course a country can also do exactly the opposite by reducing imports to support the local producers. But I'm afraid this won't help b/c it only will lead to more expensive products and more inflation...
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    When you treat others like shit it's one thing, but when you treat your own people like this :

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    @Nobert, interessting video, indeed.
    I think and hope that such officials will be fired or brought to court.
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    My ,,favorite'' part is when officers steal food from the people that they swore to protect :

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    I don't think the officials steal the food of the shop owner, they just want to carry the goods away b/c the shop has no license or so, I guess. It would be interesting to know the full truth, as the video is of course compiled as an Anti-China propaganda video, you have to admit... :)
    But as said, IMO still a very interesting video, I admit. It should serve as an education video for the very Chinese officials depicted in the video, to fix the problems.
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    Don't know, doesn't look so.

    Anyway, it's very informative and i will gladly share them with you, to keep you informed.

    Under your threads, ofcourse. :)
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    You are welcome! I feel honored! :)

    (Damn! I now have to find a shitty Anti-America propaganda video to counter it... I don't hate America nor its people, I just hate its politics, and I hate to do such a shitty work... :))
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    You do it the opposite way.

    To do it right, you should drop it under my threads that praises EU or US.
    (If there ever was any of that sort)

    Lol, that would look weird tho.

    Anyway, i am not using CCP apps.

    Hey, still some time left in Sunday. Got to grab that Xmas gift for one kido.
    You get some sun as well.

    Take care mate.
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    @Nobert, FYI: I just found this interesting video about political science & research in the US.
    It shows why the politics of the US is bad as it is, and why its politics is mostly hated throughout the world:
    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy: John J. Mearsheimer
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