Why do I have a God "complex"

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  1. every time I use my "computer"?
  2. "I have one Holy Son anther Unholy, yet i Love them equally!"
    Unknown, after one of his two sons died.
  3. Can there be two Truths?
  4. I feel like my dreams do not exist, why does this life feel like a dream?
  5. Overnight


    In my opine, you are digging a bit too deep for your purpose. Of course your dreams exist, just as your waking reality exists. It's all in your head, man. Literally.

    Look at Grace Slick's eyes in this video. You think she is contemplating existentialism? No. She is living in the dream of her purpose in that moment.
  6. " it's called meskelen", I call it the cross between being awake or dreaming, which cross?
  7. TommyR


    had you considered the possibility that you may have at least some devine elements or are you writing off the theory as too complex?
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  9. My First View
  10. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    You made that impossible to watch with the looney tunes background music.
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