Why to be Bearish on Trump

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  1. Something many people forget and rarely acknowledge in present day is just how much Trump officially ticked off a large amount of the Republican establishment during his campaign. I doubt those sins will go unpunished. He insulted the Bush family, McCain, list goes on and on. When you think about it the installment of Mueller happened quite easily.. It's not hard to imagine the prior yet still powerful Republican establishment working with the Clinton/Democrat establishment to take Trump down.

    Current Republicans will be happy using Trump as a puppet scapegoat statesman until his time comes. But soon Trump may suddenly get into a whole new world of trouble from the Manafort saga ie both houses of congress turn on him for concrete tax evasion and money laundering. Or the Mueller probe will end at Manafort. But either way, I wouldnt be too bullish on Trump.

    Also i'd love to see Obama, Clinton and company prosecuted for all the shenanigans they tried to pull in the last 10 years. But something tells me it won't happen because the Republican establishment was on board to not criminally prosecute Clinton because the Clinton establishment is... You guessed it.. Part of the of same establishment as the Republicans. And so goes ruse.
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    Tsing Tao

    If any relatively sane Democrat runs against Trump in 2020, they should win soundly. Hell, I'd vote for a moderate Dem over Trump (I know I'll catch flak from my fellow conservatives for this). But if someone like Holder (I heard he was considering it) or Pocahontas tries, it'll be another one of those "bad choice vs. worse choice" and I'll have to stick with the loud mouth.
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  3. Arnie


    So who would you call a "moderate Dem"?
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    Tsing Tao

    Good question. Who are the potentials?

    I've read the Rock is a democrat and a potential. I could get behind him, though I'd have to learn more on his positions.

    I like Biden. I know lots of folks don't, but I think he's a regular guy.

    I also like Sanders' populist approach and view him as someone who would go after corruption on wall street.

    These are just my opinions.

  5. Piezoe .. .. .. .. ..
    That guy would drain the swamp , clean the shit and throw these Congress crooks in jail all at the same time.:fistbump:.
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    Tsing Tao

    Are we talking about the same Piezoe that hilariously calls himself a Libertarian?
  7. I can see that about you...

    I'm a little bigger than Dwayne. Is it he you are attracted to or just big guys generally?

    Ron Perlman is planning to run. His face makes him look bigger than he is but still, decent size.
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