Why would the US markets be closed today? It's not a holiday.

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    • Why would the US markets be closed today? It's not a holiday.
    • I have always thought that holidays are observed on Mondays when it falls on a weekend.
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    Most likely to give employees extra day to shop?

    I never trade any more before major holidays, volume too light. Traded half day Thursday and not worth effort.

    Was trading the norm for you yesterday ?
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  2. Overnight


    Prolly has something to do with booze, and how the world clock works. Or maybe it has to do with X-Mas prep?

    It's a good question. But if it might help you, next year X-Mas falls on a Sunday, and the US markets will be closed on Monday the 26th.
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  5. is there a friggin google calendar with the CME hours anywhere.
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    TSX was open until 1 pm but closed Monday and Tuesday. Strange disparity, could lead to some weird dynamics on Wednesday.
  9. padutrader


    why are you confused....?

    trade bitcoin........no holidays
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