Will my track record raise good money?

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    Trading since 1997. Actively traded 6 years. I have 2 yr trade statements, but only the past 12 months are easy to show P/L, because of the broker's statement format. I made another $200K in Chinese markets, but I exited from it last month.

    I had a big drawdown in 2006 august.

    I have $900K in US equity now. I am not trying to raise large amount of capitals. Another $500K to $2M will be nice. For this small size, a formal hedge fund will be a waste. I don't want to go through the friends and family route. I already tried. Bad method. I made 20% for one month and I was called a loser, because somebody else made 50%. I lost 2% a day and I would have to explain. I don't want to be questioned every day for my performance and trades. You can never refuse a friend or family's call.

    Here is my US stock account summary. Please give me some advice on how to raise some money.
  2. Your a great laff, pal.

    Keep it up....
  3. What makes you think non-family members won't be as harsh?
  4. If you're as good as that chart says, it won't take you long to reach $3M with your $900k. Why bother trying to raise money and (as you put it) explain to clients each time your NAV dropped by 2%?

    Just keep trading your own money.
  5. Are you trying to say you returned 20% without margin accounted?

    Secondly, what you posted isn't a broker statement? It has zero value
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    "Just keep trading your own money."


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    Read Marty Schwartz's book regarding trading other people's money...
  8. Qll---

    Why would you want to start a fund a take the usual 2 and 20 fees when you're maing much more money doing what you're doing now.....and you don't have to deal with any other people?

    Personally, I don't think any successful trader should consider the hedge fund route unless they could raises a MINIMUM of 10-15 million. Anything less than that, and a good trader would most likely be better off trading prop (for the leverage).
  9. Double ditto. $900k with your track record, if you can keep doing it which I assume you can if your spreadsheet is true, is more than enough to work with. You should be able to turn that into quite a bit more and should ignore the hassle of taking on more money. Focus. :D
  10. F&F is your best bet at this stage. Don't discard it.
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