Will the US be undermined by China through Latin America and it's Southern border?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WWarrior, Nov 12, 2021.

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    Some pretty serious claims being made in this video especially regarding the democrats aiding China in it's global aspirations .

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    China want us to leave them alone and keep buying their products...and to get our technology if they can.
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    Democrats, to the extent they are trying to get China to comply with global emissions controls, are actually undermining Chinese aspirations. And for decades now democrats have also been aiding Chinese environmentalists and human rights activists.
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    Dunno about China but President Shart wants to fill the USA with immigrants, legal and illegal, at the same time he craters the economy with massive leftist spending and high fuel prices.

    At this point the left doesn't care about election outcomes or any negative perception held by the public... they just want that money.

    Its a pure money grab from here on out.
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    At least this money grab (it's not really one) does not violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.
  8. Cuddles


    Nothing undermined the US more in Latin America in recent years than the Trump presidency. What, you think Hispanics like to be called criminals & rapists, enjoy seeing their infants ripped from their mothers' arms and were thrilled by the resumed meddling in their political affairs by lifting Manchurian right wingers?

    You want to spread blame when our former allies embrace our rivals? Look at the GOP for that answer.
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    Also depends on the quality of immigrants and whether the dysgenic percentage of the population is increasing .

    'Dysgenics is the decline in average human fitness due to excessive proliferation of low-fitness genotypes. Here we are looking at a genetically based decline in IQ over time. When the average population IQ declines too low, the society cannot maintain the infrastructures created by its earlier, higher-IQ populations. This trend leads to breakdown and collapse"

    Welcome to the Idiocracy: Dysgenics in the US and Beyond | al fin next level (wordpress.com)
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