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  1. I heard WTC is seizing operations as of Friday. Something to do with their clearing firm, anyone know who they clear through?
  2. Penson
    I'll let you know if I get all my money back
  3. Ouch!!! Why do people sign up with these fly-by-night "firms". I'm pretty sure you will not be getting all of your money back. STICK TO REPUTABLE FIRMS!!!!
  4. The Eagle has landed. The money is returned in full and on my statement. I will now partner with ESRQ.
  5. On your "statement" or in your bank account?

  6. under my mattress
  7. I had been looking into this firm after it was recommended by a friend. I called WTC and talked to Dave B. the owner fri 29th. He said they were reorganizing the business structure due to new changes in the industry regulations. Of which I had heard were coming, about a month ago.
    Of course I have no real proof either way, only time will tell.
    After all isn't everything posted on the internet True??? (ie: Elite Trader) LOL!
  8. Anybody have experience trading with WTC, PLEASE, need your feed back good or bad ...thanks.
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    Dude, you are either a shill or don't know how to use the "search" button. They were shut down by their clearing firm. Out of business.

  10. :eek: I don't know...last week I spoken with Dave and the information that he gave me was that the fee will change to $700 monthly for trading with him.

    So they have problem... Do you know if it is for ever the closing, do you have any other information, appreciate any help, since I was start with a minimum of 5k to test...

    Do you have experience with them? Appreciate any help …
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