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  1. For everyone interested in trading remotely and currently trading remotely............please bash ur firms and give a reason............or from what you heard......this is just for anyone who knows of someone or knows someone with a bad remote experience and doesnt want it to happen again

    the more info the better

    ro trader
  2. Can you lead by example?
  3. Ive been qouted by assent for 8 and 10 per 1000 shares......however I am looking for current/past remote traders to give me worse rates and deals out there to deter me and others from their past mistakes......
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    A local acquiantance trades for VLM. She paid 10k (now the prgram is 12k) early this year for its Trade for a Living program.

    After she paid her 10k training, she gets to trade Oliver's capital with a $30/day max loss limit.

    If there is three losing days in a week. She goes on DISCIPLINE. No live trading.

    That is the 10-12k payment to get into this this Trade for a Living program.

    I don't see how she would make back her 10k. Let alone make a living.

    She is trading Oliver's capital!
  5. I've never heard anything good about velez......thanx for posting.......keep posting bad occurences like these and it will help otheres....who else has been screwed????
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    Getting an offer from someone at Assent, Dimension, Coastal, Hold etc doesnt always mean that its directly from the firm. The deal that was quoted to you from the person you spoke to was a group manager or group leader working for the firm. They will differ depending on who you speak with and whether you are remote, on a floor, getting real training or mentoring etc.

    There are many variables, the rates that I saw quoted here were definitely high for just trading remote without anything associated with it. If there is legit training and mentoring or some other types of services and that is worked into the rate then that can be understandable.
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    wow no wonder velez can afford to grow so rapidly in the heart of all these financial capitals haha. 30 day stop out is pretty insane though. it's doable but only if you're rebate trading to start with... but if they don't teach that then i don't see at least 1/2 of the people making 6 figs first year.
  8. You should post this in every Velez thread that you see on ET. That may help prevent a gullible newb from going to one of these scam shops.

    Be aware that there are Velez shills on this site too.
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    $30/day max loss limit? What kind of firm imposes a limit that low? That right there screams out that they are completely inept as a trading company. Next!
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    Haha well to be realistic I'm sure Valez doesn't have the same turnover has swift.

    It wouldn't make sense if turnover was over 50% and they just gave away their training for 10k, or 5k whatever - and have their student go trade with someone else and make whatever first year and 6 figs seconds year. i'm sure valez doesn't rip themselves off like that by ripping off people for 10k when they could make 50k off them if they had stayed.

    If most people failed at 30 buck stop loss they should have been sued already since that is a pretty tight stop loss... that's like risking one intra day swing trade and betting the boat based on 5min chart for the day... haha.
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