Would you be interested in having a 1v1 trading battle with a trader ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Raheel Shaikh, Nov 8, 2021.

A 1v1 trading battle with a trader ?

  1. Sounds fun, where do i sign up?

  2. Neh, ill just watch the battle

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  1. A game where 2 traders face each other on real time

    The one who makes the highest % gains in a given time duration, wins the prize money.
  2. then the trader is better to trade crypto. High vol high chance to win
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  3. d08


    It'll be a game of luck, a casino because risk management is irrelevant.
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  4. only with a trader that already posts a detailed and truthful track record. That will eliminated 99.9% of all the hot air bags out there, maybe even Raheel?
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  5. maxinger


    trading involves full concentration.

    Having a battle with another trader is simply a terrible distraction.
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  6. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    The prize money from what? The profits from their own trade???
  7. To make such a contest fair...

    1. Start with the same capital
    2. Determine which markets to which the contest is limited... equities, options, futures, whatever. No need for real-time reporting... just audit monthly statements.

    Years ago in the "US Investing Championships", there were various categories in which to compete.

    Later there was the "MMVR"... Money Manager Verified Ratings contest... the rules for that one were, 1. Put up $1MM, and 2. trade anything/any way you want.

    Independent audit in both contests.
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  8. That depends.

    Such a contest might focus attention and effort... and lead to better results. That may or may not matter depending upon how worthwhile the contestants view the reward for winning. (While I hoped for bigger, I estimate my reward from the US Investing Championships to be ~$2,000,000.)
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  9. You could have drawdown parameters, if you violate it you are disqualifies and also reduced leverage
    sounds good ?
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  10. Well i did mention its to be a Game and real time
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