Would you start a prop firm now (assuming you had the capital)?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by elindydotcom, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. With all this talk recently about Worldco, Andover etc. I was wondering if anyone would start a new firm now assuming they could raise the capital necessary to do so. In other industries some good companies were started when chaos was reigning supreme - why not this industry?

    Along the same lines, if you're currently trading at one of the existing firms what will cause you to move to a newly formed one? What will a newly formed company have to offer in order to entice customers? Is it even possible?

    eh - just some food for thought and discussion.

  2. no.

    if i had 10 million i would be in a lot of cash and treasury and enjoy life...
  3. I would do the same thing.
  4. The problem is the total number of individuals who actively daytrade is probably still shrinking and we still don't see total apathy in the markets.
  5. quote from MondoTrader :
    Even though there are fewer daytraders, there is a higher percentage that have experience, IMO.
    If a company could harness some of the talented traders with experience it might work.
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    Right now is a good time to start many businesses: when everyone is uncertain those that can make decisions can profit....

    FYI there is nothing unique about the current situation in the financial industry. Many firms in the financial industry - and other industries - simply made some very bad business decisions during the boom. A lot of those decisions were IMHO motivated to produce short term gains for the management rather than produce long term operating companies. BK's, Layoffs and restructurings are the direct result of poor overexpansion decisions.
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    what is the current situation with andover? Sorry if this has been discussed I am new to the site...

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    Jay15, there is another thread that details clearly all that is happening there.
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    i am doing a search now to try and find it.

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    ........hmmm thats working for us...real well....

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