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  1. Is this firm reputable/honest? Does anyone have experience doing business with them? Thanks for your opinions.
  2. I used their services and was happy with what I got .I traded with a little over 5k for about $260 in maintenance in 2008 when the market colllapsed I didn't have the expereince to deal with it so I bailed.
    If you know how to trade you can make good money through them with the leverage they provide.The support was also excellent.I constantly called with questions and was treated with respect and prompt replies.
    You can withdraw your money at any time .I got my deposit back within a week after shutting down my account minus transfer fees.
    I may go back to them if I can't find anyone cheaper.They have different commission structures to choose from I was getting .01 per share.
    I mainly traded under 500 shares so was happy with that .
    Good Luck:) Keep in touch and let me know who you choose.
  3. Shill Alert!!!

  4. From what I've heard, they have a large number of traders trading there. Would love to hear from one of them. Also wonder if that rumor is true?
  5. I have asked this in other threads: Why do people insist on trading with these fly by night LLCs? These guys just opened their doors:

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: WTCTRADING.COM
    Created on: 05-Apr-09
    Expires on: 05-Apr-10
    Last Updated on: 05-Apr-09

    Haven't we learned anything from Tuco?

    Is it a surprise that Penson kicked them out?

    There are so many reputable firms that are members of exchanges and have their finances audited on a regular basis. Some of the newer ones you don't even need to be licensed.
  6. So I'm assuming these guys are still in business today.
  7. I called them today to get my tax info and I asked about the company and they are going out of business.I never had any problems with them.Now I have to find someone else now.
    I was really happy with their service.Kind of bummed now.
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    I can't even get a hold of anyone there...I hope my money isn't gone!! Has anyone received money back into their bank account??
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    LMAO! sorry to hear that but LMFAO! I bet you took more time writing this post then you did researching this co. before handing over your $$$. Had you taken 5 minutes to browse around you would have seen this coming.
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