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    This was a test. I guess third times a charm.
  2. Lake street trading??? Any thoughts. I have read every thread(literally) , post/repsonse under "prop firms" and did not find anything.

    I called them and they sound pretty professional.

    5k deposit.
    6 times leverage to start, then 10 down the road.
    No licenses (I like licenses)
    No 1 yr lockout
    Basic options available ( no advanced strats like condors, butterflies, etc..)
    Remote available
    They cater to non day traders as well.
    150.00 a month for the DAS pro
    Still waiting for their contract.

    I forgot to ask about frequency of payouts(kind of important)

    I called JC. The guy who answered the phone was rude and sounded too busy/bothered to speak so I quickly scratched them off my list.

    Hold bros and CTG sounded ok. CTG only 2500.00. No options though for both.

    Any thoughts or recent experiences.
  3. brenden


    hold bros if u have good track record they give good payouts
    JC is a sub firm they deal with bigger fish like wts, title...
  4. Lake Street cant even send their contract agreement. Its been 3 days, two phone calls and one email. Probably a good thing. Move'n on.