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  1. 45 cents per 100 shares???

    To become a member to receive these services, it is a 5k membership to join, refundable anytime with no delay or hold. New members also get access to a market data chatroom in which traders talk to one another and you have the option of shadowing trades. Enjoy low fees and automated payouts. Our platform connects via internet, trade remotely from anywhere. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

    payout = 100% intially
    lockup = no lockup we are setup as true fund with enough capital to pay out as often as you wish
    fees = 130 for sterling. 60 for autoclose if you wish to have it. plus monthly data fees. for nyse and nasdaq that is about 62 per month plus tax.
    autoclose = our very highly acclaimed api program that automates risk management. just set a dollar amount per position and it will market you out. any winner goes negative , market you out. very useful.
    clearing = ETC-clearing.

    - platform starts at 130 per month for full version of 55 per month for lite version
    - fees start at 45 cents per 100 shares tiered down to 25 cents per 100 shares
    - full ecn rebates and passthroughs, limit orders cut your commissions in half
    - withdraw profits anytime as often as you wish all done online
    - 2 year access to our very popular trader chatroom with real time news
  2. That's like.. the same as a few retail shops.

    Lightspeed doesn't have a platform fee either:

    Interactive Brokers is even cheaper...

    Something's not legit about this...
  3. i have to pay fixed fees and all this and that for commission that is higher than retail..
  4. 1245


    I'm not clear about what your trying to say. Are so saying this is a good or bad deal? You also can't compare to your own retail account. You can't day trade with $5K.

    BTW, this deal is not legal in the US. If they are set up as a hedge fund or any other customer account that is not a broker dealer, it is a RED flag that they offer 100% payouts. It implies they are making money from marking up commissions which only a broker dealer can do. I would stay away.
  5. a sucker is born.......

  6. :p

    I donno... paying retail commissions for the privilege of busting out an over-leveraged $5k account as I try to make enough to cover my platform fees and expenses each month with a firm that clearly isn't operating within US regulations sounds like a hell of a deal to me.

    Where do I sign up? lol


    Seriously speaking, under-capitalized have better options out there.. even if they can't get hired by a firm who will back them, working other jobs and saving up til you're properly capitalized is a better option than losing $5k trying to pay the bills day-trading.

    And this isn't a 'small traders lose, they just lose' emg style rant either, as I don't think a trader needs a few hundred thousand in their account and an Ivy education to trade for a living... I'm just speaking practically here.
  7. they say 90% lose. They're not talking about people like you and me. They're talking about the guy that can't even make it through the first advertisement.