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  1. Has anyone ever had difficulty closing an account with WTS
    and getting their deposit back?

    Its in the works right now, no opinion on it yet.
    Up to this point they've been very responsive and I've had nothing negative to say about Simon or anyone there.

    (and please, if you only have 1 post and respond, "i didn't get mine blah blah or vice versa...to be honest don't know why I feed the sharks posting this...I guess it will be more of a public service depending on my outcome)
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    I never heard of anyone having a problem , and the money they ask for is small , its not even considered a deposit , they let you trade firm capital and are very serious about the way they manage risk
  3. I just want to clarify. I received a pm from a WTS trader asking why I was asking to close my account.

    It has NOTHING to do with WTS or the way they do business. Its a personal issue that I should have resolved prior to depositing 3k. Simon has been great the entire time opening the account. I have every reason to believe he and WTS will provide the same service in closing the account, which again, has NOTHING to do with WTS, its just a personal matter.
  4. When did you ask for your money back. Judging bu the second part of your post it must have been awhile since you don't want to feed the sharks. Right?

    As far as user ID kennedy goes it has been established that its acutally Simon from WTC so of course he will make it sound good.

    I hope you get your money back, never heard anything good about simon. Worse case scenario its only 3k.
  5. If its not deposit than what is it SIMON? Is it some magic money that you put up in case you loose money and in case you don't your contract stipulates that you will get it back when you close account. Hmmm in usa/canadian law this is called DEPOSIT!

    Unless of course this is considered "training money/education/or maybe tradesourcing?" in that case good luck 00019bust. You just paid for some education. 101 Don't trust Simon Liberatti. It only cost you 3k.
  6. I just got off the phone with Simon. This is what I'm talking about, he's been very professional this entire time. There was some trouble finding receipt of my deposit but he got right down to it and found it. ( i just deposited money on March 4th, and here I am asking to close an account on the #$#king 7th)

    Next thing is just sending over my wire info so they can wire it back.

    I'll keep you posted, but so far so good.
  7. Swiftmike99:

    I don't know your previous experience with Simon but I can only base my info of him on what is going on now. I started out this thread saying he'd been great opening up the account, but didn't know how he'd react to closing an account that was just opened 2 days ago without putting on a single trade.

    I can tell you that he hasn't put me on the backburner, that he has been very attentive to the issue. Was he this way in the past? I have no idea. Will he be this way in the future? I have no idea.

    But RIGHT NOW, I'm literally shocked at the quality of customer service on his part. I'll tell you right now that if some piker called me up to deposit funds, then had to withdraw 48 hrs later for as retarded a reason as mine, on a friday afternoon no less, the last thing I'd be doing is getting my own hands dirty to make sure the funds were not only returned, but returned promptly.

    I mean, If I was him, i'd of just left it to my secretary/accountant who btw, was the one who had difficulty in finding receipt of my deposit. The last thing i'd be doing on a friday afternoon is look for this crap myself. But no, I actually got a call from him this afternoon.

    I don't care if simon is kennedy/jesus christ/whatever; that hardly matters to me at all. I'm letting people here know right now whats going on in my situation. There is no bias, I'm not a pitchman for anyone. This is just the truth, period.

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    Dear Swiftmike 99
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  9. This is really unprofessional Simon Liberati, for a president of a company to be swearing on public boards and wasting your time with depressed a...holes. How do you find time?. With 750 traders and offices in NY? Oh I know how, because that is a lie. Anyways I wrote email to SEC about you little company and how you take deposits, and give unlimited buying power. You will be the next TUCO, so will see who laughs last.
  10. Let me just recap:

    I opened an account on the 4th. I closed this account 3 days later. No questions asked, no bs. There's a weekend, and now todays monday. And guess what?

    Deposit back, check or wire, I choose wire and there you have it.

    INCREDIBLE service.

    If you're writing a letter to the SEC, you better have them check this thread out and call me up.

    Again, I'm not a pitchman for anyone, or someone with a retarded score to settle. I can't comment much on WTS since I never even put on a single trade, and I can't comment on Simon's past or future.

    But one thing is certain-- right now, these guys are doing a GREAT job when it comes to opening/closing accounts and returning deposits, especially with all the crap with the SEC thats been going on.

    I wouldn't hesitate to put money down with them again. You never know whats gonna happen, but its not like they ask for much of a deposit.

    I mean seriously, do you know how mad the average prop shop owner would of been to hear my dumbass want to close the account 3 days after? I spoke with an Avi and Simon, and there was no pressure or attitude from either of them. They carried themselves in a completely professional manner, no emotions revealed; you'd of thought they were just as happy to close the account.

    When someone like me honestly reports their own experience, it doesn't eliminate all doubts from prospective traders. This site is so full of nonsense when it comes to review of other firms. Its just one firm (take a guess) that somehow isn't sponsored on this board but has 10 trolls for every thread just waiting to talk smack, its ridiculous. Can you even name for me ONE thread about a prop firm that isn't a competitor of (you know who) that doesn't get bashed immediately? SMB, flame. Keystone, flame. Caliber, flame. freaking anything, flame flame flame, except futures firms and FNYS/non competitors. I mean, these folks don't even try and hide it...they just hop on a thread and its flame on. That or they just cheerlead so hard, its like they want it to be obvious.

    WTS and Simon did a great job, thats just the truth of it, not just pure speculation from soneone clearly biased.

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