WTS mini account fee changed

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by coolyung, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. coolyung


    Does any mini here? We opened a mini account three months ago. The monthly fee was extemely low at that time. Our payout rate was near 85% at most. However, WTS suddenly raised the monthly fee to 7,000. We are so mad at this unethical policy. Is any mini suffered the same situation?
  2. Surdo


    WTF is WTS?
  3. It is probably a sign that they are not making enough money to pay their expenses. They are probably a sinking ship, pull out your money while you still can. The Government may insure Indymac accounts but they definitely don't insure WTS accounts.
  4. Not sure if this is true, so won't put my judgment on WTS yet as simon liberati will come up and say I have a vengance against him. But please look at other WTS thread a numer of people warned not to do business with this man and his companies, yet you didn't do you diligence and now you pay.

    Simon I actually think this is not true no company would do such a thing and this is just someone who lost money and you are trying to kick him out. With all the strategies you stole using "Trade Snorting" you should at least help him out. Can anyone else from WTS confirm or deny this?

    Surdo WTS= World Trade Securities
  5. nic05


    Im with WTS but I work out of a branch not on a mini card. They haven't changed our fees at all and I have been quite satisfied with the company, as was the OP in previous posts. The mini account fee wasn't nearly that high a few months ago, so if it is true, hopefully the OP and his fellow traders had a contract in place.
  6. coolyung


    The contract is a joke. You can ask WTS as if u r a new trader wanna opened a mini. Their new policy for mini is 90% payout, no deposit at all. Even better than what we had b4. Now they raised our fee to the heaven.

    We dont consider upgrading to member because not only there is no survive space for member (ask yourself the payout rate your fellow trader got), but also Simon will raise member monthly fee at any time he wants.