WTS Opening New Trading Floor In Chicago

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JCTradingGroup, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. JCTradingGroup

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    WTS Proprietary Trading Group is pleased to announce the opening of a new trading floor in downtown Chicago. The new floor will feature:

    - Space for 25 traders in the main trading floor

    - Ability for smaller groups to have their own private trading area (please inquire)

    - Competitive payout structure

    - Training available for newer traders

    - Equity and Options trading

    We are excited about opening our new Chicago office and creating an atmosphere where traders can share ideas with others. We are looking to build a positive environment for traders to be successful and prosper.

    Recruiting will conducted by JC Trading Group. Please call 248.406.3250, or email info@wtschicago.com for more information.
  2. Sounds good, but vague. Save us a lot of time and effort.


    minimum deposit if any?


    lock up?



    thanks in advance

  3. rosy2


    do you back the traders? or is this an arcade (brokerage)?
  4. JCTradingGroup

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    We do require a Series 56 (or waiver). We will sponsor traders for their Series 56. Since our trading floor will be open to experienced as well as new traders, there is not a standard arrangement for traders. If you are interested it is best to call/email for details for your specific needs. 248.406.3250 or info@wtschicago.com.

    Thank You.

  5. Not everyone want to get involved on a personal phone call if some items just don't fit.

    Like lockup?


    Payout? Give a range if you have to.


    Do what you can here.

    At that point, then a phone call makes sense.

  6. hitnrun


    probably the standard wts deal that has been posted on et numerous times

    a new office in chicago . no big deal
  7. JCTradingGroup

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    Under the right circumstances we have do back traders. Please email at info@wtschicago.com or call at 248.406.3250 for more information. Also, if you are not in the Chicago area please contact us about remote trading.

  8. punter


    did this office shutdown?