XELA and CSCW pre RS pump

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mute9003, Sep 24, 2022.

  1. mute9003


    i made a duma$$ move and tried to scalp those right into the RS
    but both seemed to do identical move
    they showed up on the "most active" for about a week and traded massive volume the entire time but price stayed the same
    CSCW barely moved one penny
    xela kinda moved a penny or two
    then suddenly announced RS after hours and caught alot of people hodling
    i ended up selling for a loss (a 600 dollar lesson for me in " degenerate gambler" please)

    but i wanted to see what the hell was happening there was it pump and dump
    is it like a normal thing for penny stocks to do when they trading under a dime?

    if someone could break it down maybe so i understand better what was happening with those two..
  2. SunTrader


    Is RS reverse-split?

    If so RS if often the Godfather kiss of death for a stock. Why touch them at all?
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  3. mute9003


    well because its not like RS is announced weeks ahead
    everyone knows stock will dump asosoon as RS is revealed so they drop it on people after hourse or before morning

    i just want to know what kind of play was there in those 2 stocks before the RS is that some kind of new scam strategy or is it old scam ?
    i mean its obviously not a pump and dump
    but more like company accumulating hodlers because they are about to RS but i donno why they need hodlers if the price doesnt go up prior to RS
    whats the point of trapping so many people if they gonna just exit after RS and the insanely high trading volume didnt bump the price before RS.
    it makes no sense
  4. GotherL


    You need to articulate your thoughts in a better fashion. You make no sense.

    You should just stay away from anything you've absolute no idea on. Better yet, stay away from Penny stocks altogether.

    Not even the most experienced traders, can tell you what would happen before or after a split.