XIVH Mechanics

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by FCXoptions, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Hey guys, questions on XIVH for anybody that might know more than me.


    I interpret the above to mean XIVH allocates 10% to 2x long vol and 90% to a 1x short position. It states it tracks 13 different portfolios.

    When looking at the velocity shares website the little pie chart at the bottom says 77% is long vol and 23% is short vol. At first I was thinking wtf, but realized that the huge spike in vol probably changed those percentage allocations. So still in the same position, but the long vol position is now worth significantly more than it was.

    Now, with the above being said. Does anybody know how exactly the roll is conducted? I am just unsure as to how a spike like this affects it and is a daily roll effectively locking in some of those gains on the long side or do they make an effort to return the fund to that 90/10 (really -70% vol) or does it just do its own thing?

    I went through the prospectus, not with a fine tooth comb but did run through it and still not quite sure.

  2. Whoops....I thought I was at the bottom of the prospectus, wasn't even close.

    One of the 13 sub-portfolio's is re-balanced every Wednesday, so one per week every quarter. That's what I needed to know. Going to leave the thread in case anybody else would like to know.