You can own a piece of this French castle for $55

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    Amun Ra

    Interesting, but confusing. They call you both a shareholder AND a donor and refer to your investment as a donation. So many questions....if they finish this project and charge admission, do I get dividends? When the sell the castle for a profit, do I get to share in that profit?
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    I'd love to visit this place.
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    Woa, that's cool place and I love to have a chance to visit there.
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    It's a fun way to invest in real estate
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    No thanks, I was traumatized the last time I heard about France and castles.

  7. cesfx


    Profits? Well...
    There is a lot in Europe going for very little, but not for profit.
    Most of those contracts are for cheap castles in east Europe, or this one in France, houses in Italy for 1€... They are looking for benefactors or people who want to change their life relocating somewhere remote. There are clauses, where you either have to guarantee a total refurbishment, or live in those ghost town and be creative with business.
    There are no profits or dividend...