You don't own gold, not one of you owns gold.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Der Vent, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Der Vent

    Der Vent

    All you suckers making hand over fist in gold trades ETFs futures CFDs etc

    You are all gonna lose everything you got. When you close your trades into your accounts with all that made money. You won't have time to convert to actual physical gold when currency begins to collapse.

    90% of the value of your accounts will be erased in matter of 5 days, all your wins are futile as long as you own Dollars or Euros even worse if your money is electronic and not cash.

    You have about a year to convert to gold you can touch after that

    poof ...every man for himself
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  3. Der Vent

    Der Vent

    just wiring money from your broker to your bank so you poor soul can buy physical gold will take 3 days

    when currency begins to collapse, it will happen fast dog

    and I wouldn't be surprised if banks come up with all kinds of computer problems and setbacks just when you all need your mulah as quickly as humanly possible
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    I heard the Lindsey Williams interview, as well.

    He's been spot on before...
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    A lot of people have bought physical Gold. One of the main reasons was to get money away from the government.

    Tell them they're in trouble :)
  6. Der Vent

    Der Vent

    I am not saying I know what will happen 100%

    but that's the thing with owning physical gold, good or bad, you got safety net

    Gold is money

    And none of the BS rhetoric from what we consider authority can change that.

    Gold was always money, just that we didn't realize it till now.
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    I agree 1000%. Best to own the physical than some paper bullshit. Never know. Regulators might force settlement in cash when the physical market dries up.
  8. Gold is uptrending and it's in huge demand, no contest there.

    However, when everyone suddenly starts with this euphoria, as I've been witnessing, not back in 2009/2010 but as it starting now, I get worried. Even my neighbors want to own gold now, a bubble production of the media escalating fear.

    The doom and gloom predictions of the USD are quite ridiculous.

    It got devalued due to the printing, but give me a break, it can easily be as inflated.

    It's too powerful of a currency to suffer the Zimbabwe effect, in fact, whether the anti american users like it or not, it is the most powerful currency in the world.

    In other words, suck it up, the greenback is still and will continue to be King.

    Crazy A
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