You gotta love the French...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by clacy, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Nothing says "Please don't take our jobs" quite like a nice riot.
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    Last I read the unionised thugs had released the two executives (coz authorities might have started to intervene, only 36 hours later mind you...) but are now occupying the factory premises and keeping the tyres and all machines hostage. Ridiculous but very french. It's a ratther pleasant country but better not hire anyone there.
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    If this is the Goodyear plant owned by Titan Wheel International (TWI), last year about this time the CEO, Maurice Taylor, made public a disparaging letter he sent to a top politician in France. He essentially called the workers lazy and greedy and said France is a rotten place to do business. The employees probably figured they had nothing to lose and are following in the footsteps of other disgruntled French workers - they burn tires, dump milk, burn sheep, trash a McDonald's and stuff like that.
  5. This is what working class people will resort to if we do not keep a tight leash on them like the animals they are.
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    What rubbish. Most people are honest, and that includes the poor and ignorant. Those who will do something like this are a minority.
  7. but it happens in France more than other places, seemingly...
  8. You never know what they will bring.
    After all, the French were the first one to talk about republic, democraties, human rights and a lot of things - as I can see from my travelling - people are taking advantage of.
    But then I can't really understand things on historical scale. :)

    Regarding savages : I wonder if Satan's Helper has ever heard of real savage mentality.

    Sorry to post again this video for those who have missed it:

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    For some reasons, I can't help thinking how good we have it in the West: till now, we do not to let people with "savage mentality" roam free so easily. We still have the rule of laws - though some want to corrupt it. We still have some law enforcement who knows what criminal minds are all about and why it is best to stop them early on.