You guys aren't going to believe me but...

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  1. I have a friend whom has a family member working at the Federal Reserve in Washington. Since you guys aren't going to believe me since a lot of what I post is BS, I'll spare the details and just say that the economy may be in far worse shape than anyone is currently expecting.
  2. Wow - you have to have a friend who has a family member working at the Fed to figure that out.

    THAT is amazing.
  3. I'm not going to bite. Have a nice day.
  4. Does not take a "insider" so see that the economy is worse than what the Gov-idiots are saying.

    Nevertheless, there are good sectors making great profits.

    Like I have said before, this "Depression" will be nothing like 1929. There will be pockets, regions, states that will be booming.
    There will be areas that will be far depressed with higher unemployment.

    There will be the mass of "Freeloaders" and the Goverment Social Progams will grow. The gap between rich and poor will grow at a alarming rate.

    This is nothing new. Anyone who thinks otherwise just has their head in the sand.
  5. My friend's uncle's aunt's cousin's dog works for Obama...
    he reports that the president elect really is a Muslim.
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    Actually, an average Fed employee is no less a lemming than your next-door neighbor.

    Trust that odds are your family member is no insider.

  7. That "bite" is funny in itself.

    "I know you guys think I am full of shit because I post bullshit, but really, this time it's for real".

  8. It would be more beneficial if you had a friend who had a family member who was a Congressman, I think we all would like a heads up on what is for sale on the hill. Perhaps something we could buy on a credit card, I'm saving my cash.
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    And a price list. Committee chairs go for a significant amount more, or so I am told. But junior senators are pretty cheap. And first year reps are BOGO!
  10. I think it's very much worse than anybody is admitting to. I'm starting up food production efforts here as insurance against the worst case scenario, maybe I can bail out friends and family.... it's better to do something proactive and well motivated than to sit around conjecturing about things..
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