You hate facebook? Too will eventually get an account.

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  1. I was at a seminar last week and they said something very interesting. We were learning marketing techniques and they asked how many people do not have a facebook account. About 40 or 50% raised their hands. Then they asked, how many of you plan to NEVER get a facebook account and about 25 or 30% raised their hands.

    Then the guy said "Now, those of you still holding your hands many of you said 15 years ago, you said you would never get a cell phone?" About the same amount held their hands up. Then he asked "and how many of you still don't have a cell phone" And only 1 person raised their hand (in a room of 300 people).

    Although many of you do not want to admit it, if you are not on facebook, its almost like not having a cell phone. If you dont have a facebook profile, there are many employers nowadays that are going to think there is something wrong with you, or that you are hiding something. Although today its still accepted by that its ok to not have a facebook profile, maybe in 5 or 10 years, it will be unacceptable. You will be looked at the same way we look at people that live in the mountains without TV, electricity or the other comforts of life. Yeah, maybe its ok to live that way, but dont expect anyone to give you a job or that it will be easy to integrate back into the world should you get tired of living that way.
  2. Not a chance. Facebook accounts exist to sell advertisements, not to get a job...
  3. Don't live in denial. If I am looking at hiring and my choices are between 2 different people, and i cant decide because they are equally qualified...I'm going to facebook them.
  4. I figured I better put at least 1 good post up per year so I don't get booted from ET. :p :p :p
  5. I don't have a FB account.

    I do not own a cell phone.

    I do not use wireless devices.

    Wireless devices unravel your double helix...plural double helices.
  6. If a potential employer denied me a job because I didn't have a facebook account, I would consider myself lucky I wasn't hired.
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    the problem is that more and more services are now will show you promotions,offers,whatever ONLY on facebook. you gotta be a member to see it. truly feels like either monopoly or discrimination. or both. fuck those companies,fuck the facebook..fuck them all. all those snitches..yeah..sell me something. timing never been better..when gas is between 4 and 6$ per gallon and my shitty currency close to all time low..good luck with that
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    Sounds like somebody is getting sold a bill of goods.
  9. just so you know, the mods will be coming regarding your deceptive practice of editing quotes.
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    Bob you're right. The price to live is all that matters. Right now to live, seminar salesman are trying to sell you on futurist type fantasy based on no fact except what is hot now. It can't be predicted, but the price of oil, food, taxes, can be and it's not looking good.
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