You still think RECESSION is coming?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by HedgefundTrader2, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Have you noticed in the last 2 days when the market starts running up after putting a solid bottom, the talk of recession is virtually gone ?

    What happened to the looming doom and gloom, end of the world psychotic self induced depressive outbursts?

    Where are those liars and doomsday prophets that pummeled American public with baseless FEARS and rolled them over ?

    Lets see if you can stand on your hind legs ?
  2. You know absolutely nothing lol.

    Seriously, this site is full of jokers. I've never seen anything worse than ET.

    Anyone who's been through 2000 knows the playbook.

    Anyone after 2000 still has lessons to learn.

    Unfortunately i've been through the gauntlet myself and this looks textbook recession.
  3. bdon


    Herder George's sheep Kool-aid, I can't believe how many people actually drink this stuff.

    We're in recession now! Open up your eyes. Stop waiting for someone else to tell you some number massaged by the Bush administration.

    "Sheep get slaughtered" - Gordon Gekko
  4. NO!! We're NOT in recession!!

    And inflation is low....:p
  5. We need to start including food and energy.
  6. But those are just so VOLATILE! And even with today's computing, there is just no way to smooth out the data!! The complex calculations haven't been invented yet!!

    No - what you don't know can't hurt you...:D
  7. mokwit


    Banks are laying off thousands of people because things are going to get better.........................right?
  8. Joab


    We are far from out of trouble but we are looking better!

  9. There use to be a time when the government and the FED used reported statistics for decision making.

    Recession is defined as negative growth over two or more sucessive quarters. We have a lot of talk of recession but no confirmed analysis.
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    i'm still here.:) what the hell day77 do you think a band aid ends all the financial problems. this market is just getting started, and what do you think has happend with all the CDS'S? did they just disappear? that 3/4 discount rate cut is going to do wonders.

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