You won't progress if you don't borrow more to get a good credit score...

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  1. turned out to be the most moronic statement in history?

    Besides, likely you will get a WORSE credit score by borrowing more (since you are more likely to be late in your payments)?
  2. Would you like some sour grapes with your chimmy-chahnga? :(
  3. The Repo shows have become more entertaining.
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    You don't need to borrow a lot to get a high credit score. Just charge your gas and groceries for a year and pay off the balance every month.
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    How so? He's not defrauding anyone. He's simply taking advantage of the creditor's offers and is well within legal bounds to do so.
  6. Take a tip from our Treasury Secretary Timmy;
    Borrow huge sums of money now with a 2 Year Term even though you don't plan on spending it for 2 1/2 Years. You can always refinance later at a higher rate. Besides, once you actually start printing the money, hyper-inflation will erase most of your debt anyway.
    This CYBER credit is working great for the banks, why not try it for your household finances as well?
    P.S. Don't forget to Mark your Assets to what you think they SHOULD be worth. Don't bother with actual MARKET value, that's really Old School.
  7. LOL
  8. Better yet, if you really want a good credit rating exchange all of your U.S. Dollars for the Angolan Kwanza (AOA), open a savings account in Angola and keep pouring whatever you make into that account.
    When this is all over and 1 Kwanza will be worth about 1 million U.S. Dollars. Go out and buy your own bank and set your own credit rating.

    Does anybody remember Angola?
    That's where all the RIGHT PEOPLE are putting their money.
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